Hooligans attack two African footballers

According to media reports, two Napredak Krusevac football club players have been attacked by a group of hooligans in this central Serbian town.

Source: Beta, Tanjug

The victims are Ibrahima Ndiaye from Senegal and Regis Samuel Baha from Cameroon.

According to this, the incident happened in front of a park on Sunday evening. The footballers were first verbally abused, and then physically attacked and injured.

The police in Krusevac said they were working intensively to identify the attackers, and later in the day announced they had one of the attackers in custody.

A spokeswoman for the club, Valentina Vasic, told RTS that Ndiaye said the verbal abuse was not racist.

The footballer also said he and his colleague did not respond to provocations, which prompted their assailants to strike him from behind using a metal object, inflicting light injuries.


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