Payment of 10,000 dinars begins today: How to check if the money is in your account

Payment of a one-time state financial aid of 10,000 dinars for children up to 16 years of age begins today, Serbian Finance Minister Siniša Mali said yesterday.

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Foto: shutterstock, Emmily
Foto: shutterstock, Emmily

A total of 1,101,000 children were registered for this assistance.

He said that the remaining 600,000 registered children will receive money on Tuesday, while those who had a complaint will be paid in the following days, depending on how the complaint is resolved.

"All the children have applied for this state aid. About 635,000 parents have applied, mothers, some single fathers, foster parents or guardians. This confirms that the parents needed this state aid and that it came at the right time," Mali said.

How to check if the money is in your account?

If you have already successfully applied for aid of 10,000 dinars for children, here is how to check whether you have received the money. It only takes three steps to check.

The first thing you need to do is go to the website, after which you should click on the option "Check application status". After you have clicked on the "Check application status" option, a new document opens for you to enter your information. The first thing you need to enter is your social security number, and then the ID card number that you used during registration, and then you will receive an answer.

In the third step, expect information about the payment status.

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