New problems for the well-known network? Mask admitted: "This is sad"

Elon Musk, the owner of the X app formerly known as Twitter, has stated that the social network "could fail."

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Foto: shutterstock, Omar ElDeraa
Foto: shutterstock, Omar ElDeraa

Mr. Musk stated after a program error caused the deletion of images posted before December 2014, "The sad truth is that there are currently no large 'social networks.' We might fail, as many predicted, but we'll do our best," Musk wrote on the X platform (Twitter).

Over the weekend, a platform error led to the removal of images and links to posts made before December 2014. Several users noticed the error, and among those who pointed it out was technologist Tom Kouts, who referred to the problem as "epic vandalism by Musk," as reported by The Guardian.

The famous selfie of Ellen DeGeneres from the 2014 Oscars ceremony was also removed but later restored. The photo became the most shared photo on the platform ever, with over two million shares on the platform.

The viral tweet from former US President Barack Obama after his victory in the 2012 elections remained unchanged.

Some users speculated that the error was caused by an effort to save data storage costs, while others attributed it to changes made to the platform in 2016 when "enhanced URL enrichment" was added, designed to display previews of linked websites beyond the company's 140-character limit.

The glitch occurred after reports last week suggested that access from X was slowed on other social networks, including Meta platforms Facebook, Threads, and Instagram. A five-second delay also appeared on links to some news websites such as The New York Times and Reuters.

Earlier this year, users noticed that they could no longer post or send messages to each other, and they received notifications of "exceeding the daily limit for sending tweets." Direct messages were also not functioning, leading the company to issue an apology. Previous glitches also prevented users from signing in or viewing their own posts.

As the British newspaper reminds us, Twitter has eliminated thousands of jobs since Musk took over the platform. Despite the Tesla CEO's aggressive efforts to cut platform costs, he reported a 50% drop in advertising revenue last month, along with significant debt and annual interest payments of $1.5 billion resulting from the debt he assumed as part of the Twitter acquisition agreement.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Twitter is also facing lawsuits for more than $14 million in unpaid bills since Musk became the owner of the platform.

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