Construction of a new solar power plant in Serbia commenced

Today, the foundation stone for the construction of the new Saraorci Solar Power Plant in Smederevo was laid.


The new power plant in Saraorci will have a capacity of 9.95 MW, the electricity is intended for the domestic market, which is enough to supply about 2,500 households.

The laying of the foundation stone was also attended by the Minister of Mining and Energy, Dubravka Djedović.

"The solar potential of Serbia is about 30 percent higher than the potential of Germany, which is one of the leaders in Europe in the production of electricity using this type of energy. The built capacities in Serbia are currently far less than the potential, although a total of 157 solar power plants with a capacity of 23.3 MW. By amending the Law on the Use of RES and adopting a three-year auction plan for market premiums, we have created a predictable framework for investors in RES, and we are stimulating citizens to be active participants in the energy transition through the subsidies we provide for energy efficiency measures, and for this purpose, this week I will sign contracts with 131 LGU," said Djedović, who, together with the Ambassador of the Republic of China to the Republic of Serbia, Chen Bo, and representatives of the companies implementing the project, Chinese PowerChina and German AVR Solar Park, attended the marking of the beginning of the works in Smederevo.

She added that the goal is to double solar energy production capacity through the ongoing auctions for 50 MW of solar power plants and announced that a public call for the selection of a strategic partner for the construction of 1 GW self-balancing solar power plants will soon be published. "In the next few years, in addition to the state's plans for investing in this important energy resource, we also plan to build around 300 MW of solar power plants through the auction program," said the minister.

"It is also very important that citizens' awareness of the benefits of producing electricity for their own needs is spread, and that the number of customer-producers is constantly growing. Currently, there are about 1,800 of them, and the total power of the solar power plants they have installed is 21 MW. We will continue to stimulate consumers by providing subsidies for the installation of solar panels, which will be part of a new program for households for energy efficiency measures worth 50 million euros," said Djedović.

The minister emphasized that everyone is responsible for the energy transition - the state, the economy and citizens.

"Solar energy is a good example of what we want to achieve in the entire energy transition, that the state and industry, both public and private and the sector and all of us as citizens participate in it, and that everyone has their role and their share of responsibility," Djedović said.

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