Vučić: "Electric cars will be produced in Kragujevac"; "A new era begins"

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, addressed the public after the meeting and signing of the contract with the representatives of the company Stellantis.

Source: Tanjug,

"This day is very important for Serbia, today we are starting a completely new era in investments in our country. Today we signed an agreement on financing an electric car that will be produced in Kragujevac. Now there is a transition period until 2023, and from 2024 we will start production of one model", said Vučić.

As he said, Serbia will now keep pace with the most developed world and have a final manufacturer of electric cars. As he pointed out, the car will be intended for the middle class.

"A new era is beginning for us and in our behavior, we have to start preparing Serbia for electric and slightly hybrid cars. We have to think not only about the density of charging stations, because how to convince someone in Babusnica, Ljubovija to buy an electric car, and it is important because of the environment, if he can't see the charging stations not far from his house, "he added.

Vučić said that we must change all our strategic plans related to energy.

In that regard, he reminded that the price of an electric car is significantly higher than those with a classic engine of the same class.

We have to think about the price of electricity, to have cheap electricity, i.e. cheaper than others, and in order to achieve that, we have to have more renewable energy, to start building reversible power plants. We have a lot of work and things ahead of us in order to be fully prepared, because in 2035 there will be no vehicles other than electric ones. Until 2030, we will keep classic motors, after that we will only have electric motors", he added.

Vučić explained that those vehicles have special batteries that carry 40 percent of the price of the car.

"This is a new investment in the amount of 190 million euros, Serbia will give 48 million euros. It is important for us because of Kragujevac, Sumadija, but also the whole of Serbia. It is no longer just a question of how many people we will employ, but also what kind of new value we will produce and how it will affect our GDP. Stellantis will have just under 80 to 100 new models by 2030, it is completely clear to you what kind of revolution is being prepared in the automotive market", the president said.

He emphasized that parts for many car companies are produced in Serbia, but it is especially important when you have the final product.

Vučić thanked the leader of Stellantis, Carlos Tavares, saying that he is one of the most famous directors in the entire automobile industry in the world.

"I am happy that in turbulent and not easy times for the world, we could have an important meeting and an important agreement, as well as have great news for Serbia. Fiat is among the top 10 exporters of Serbia with 350 million euros," he pointed out.

Vučić said that now the factory in Kragujevac is facing a transition period, that machines, new lines must be prepared... And then we go to something else, a different future and creating greater value, which will mean accelerated growth for Serbia.

We will put Serbia on the map of important countries in the electric car industry, which will give us the opportunity to invite many others to come and invest in our country", he emphasized and added that the Government and he personally managed to fight for Kragujevac and our country. He said that Tavares said that the competition is one of the three pillars of Stellantis, and added that Serbia also rests on several pillars, and that competition is something we are not afraid of, but we enjoy it.

"The car we will make in Kragujevac is very beautiful and electric. Welcome to Serbia and I want you to stay in Šumadija and Serbia for many decades," he said.

The meeting, which was also attended by Prime Minister Ana Brnabić, started at around 8.30 a.m. in the building of the Presidency on Andrićev venac.

After the Minister of Economy Andjelka Atanaskovic signed a contract with Tavares, he addressed the public and said that the contract with Serbia on the production of electric cars in Kragujevac is a clear indicator of trust between the two sides, adding that the future lies in new electric vehicles. "We will be proud to see vehicles coming off the track in the next few years," Tavares said after meeting with Vucic and signing the contract.

He said that the agreement with Serbia is the core for the implementation of Stellantis' plan to progress by 2030. He added that Stellantis had a challenging year in 2021, and that the company achieved exceptional results, including the factory in Serbia. Tavares pointed out that the car industry is facing a very deep and fast transformation, because everything must be changed, not just vehicle technology.

"This partnership is a clear sign of trust. There is a lot of mistrust in society, and the price of distrust is high. We are not going that way, on the contrary. The agreement is a clear and concrete sign of our intention to make this transformation successful, by switching from conventional to modern technologies", said Tavares.

He added that this is a big change, which Stellantis is ready for, because the company is implementing it in several parts of the world. He pointed out that driving an electric vehicle means that the speed when driving is higher, because more power is available from the electric motor, that the vehicle is quieter, so driving comfort is better, while the vehicle is better driven.

"This is a very important moment. This agreement is a turning point and you can trust Stellantis. We will do our part and we are confident that Serbia will do its part," Tavares said, inviting everyone to come when the new vehicle comes out from the production line.

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