Vučić: "Complete chaos in Europe follows" VIDEO / PHOTO

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, visited the mines and the "Kostolac" Thermal Power Plant.

Source: Tanjug,

Announcing that today, for St. Nicholas, he will be with the miners, Vučić told the citizens that there will be no electricity restriction, but that for him and for everyone else from that system there is no more celebrations, no New Year, Christmas and other holidays, so that citizens can have enough energy and warm apartments.

"We are also building a 350-megawatt B3 block here, which should be completed in a year and a half. Nothing has been done since 1991. Nothing at all, some have been in power for 12 years and have not moved a finger. We have faults at only 500 connections. It is at the level of statistical error - last year, when we did not have such problems, it was almost three times more", said Vucic.

"We have ensured that Serbia has the lowest price of electricity in the whole of Europe, and we will manage to get out of the energy crisis", Vucic said.

"Chaos follows in Europe; Serbia will succeed"


He reminded that only Ukraine and Georgia have a lower price of electricity for households than Serbia.

Yesterday, he states, the consumption of electricity in Serbia was 116.830 megawatt hours, we produced 99.000 megawatt hours, and imported the rest.

"It was very bad a few days ago, but things are stabilizing. We have money for possible additional amounts of electricity. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow we will have additional talks on gas. We are going to calm the situation, although complete chaos is just commencing in a significant part of Europe, it can be seen on all stock exchanges, and Serbia will manage to get out of this in a way that people feel almost nothing", he said.

As he emphasized, our industry spends a lot.

"It is proof of how much the country has progressed and how many factories we have built. The industry spent 29 percent until 2012, and today 50 percent of the total consumption in the country falls on industry," he explained.

He adds that we will have to take care of new mines and new machines, but also renewable energy sources.

The highest quality coal

"Every day, 3.000 tons of the highest quality coal will go to TENT, in order to improve the value of Kolubara coal," he stated.

He then explained that the best coal in West Tamnava is at the level of 6.000 kilojoules.

"That's why we asked people to add 3.000 tons of this quality coal to Kolubara coal in order to increase its caloric value. I'm not a coal expert, but my job is to be with these people who work hard. One thing is when you are looking for responsibility, and the second is when someone attacks people who are doing important work", Vucic said.

It is almost impossible to have a "blackout"

He claims that energy, along with health, the army and food, is one of the four pillars for the future.

Also, the President of Serbia told the citizens that it is almost impossible to have the termination of the electricity supply system. "Two days ago, I could not say that, and today I can say that it is almost impossible for us to be surprised by anything and to have the system shut down, the so-called 'blackout', for major breakdowns. We will endure this winter without significant problems", he underlined. Vučić said that all people will have electricity and factories that will be able to work, produce and contribute to our economy.

"Today I am much less worried than two days ago. Tomorrow we will connect the A6 block in TENT to the system," he announced.

President brought cakes to the workers and miners.

"Cakes for our most valuable miners who still provide electricity for every home in Serbia. Thank you very much and good luck," he said in a post on Instagram.

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