What is digital television?

Digital television has accelerated the change of the way we are used to watching our favorite TV content.

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Although digitalized equipment has been used by TV stations for a long time now, broadcasting TV programs has become digital only recently.

For example, the first DVB-T transmitter was put into operation in Serbia in 2005 on Avala. However, it took a long time for this technology to further develop, and this is an ongoing "journey".

While analogue broadcasting means that one TV channel has one TV program, digital television enables a much more efficient use of TV channel capacity, so that a single TV channel can provide several TV programs. Resistance to interference, broadcasting in multiple languages (where viewers choose the language or translation that suits them), special programs for people with hearing and visual disabilities, etc., are just some of the advantages of digital television that often provide more than “simply” better reception and better quality tone and image.

Recently, Telenor launched the Hipernet package in Serbia, which, among other things, includes a new generation of digital television. This brought citizens of Serbia the opportunity to watch TV content in a completely new way.

Today's hyperproduction of content often prevents customers from finding exactly what interests them in the sea of offers. With this in mind, Hipernet digital television removes all the artificial barriers that often exist between customers and the content they want to watch, and brings them closer to the content they are interested in the most.

This means that customers see the content that they find the most interesting first, and they do not have to waste their time browsing through the content. Whether it's sports, series, movies or something else, customers can find their favorite content in the fastest way possible. In other words, customers become their own program editors. What is also different is the ability to choose the most interesting TV content of the day or week, using only one remote control for STB and TV. In addition, the available TV content contains over 100 relevant channels.

Telenor has decided to launch digital television in test version, and to continue developing it based on customer feedback. This practice is often used by large global companies, such as Microsoft, Apple and others, in order to further improve the final product based on customer feedback.

Fixed fiber optic internet and fixed telephony are also available in Hipernet. The fixed fiber optic package offers customers the following benefits: the fastest Internet (up to 1 Gbps), flawless Wi-Fi signal in all rooms, watching 4K movies on TV and video conferencing on a laptop, with HD music and online games on smartphones phones and more.

As this new service for households further develops, it is becoming quite certain that Telenor has introduced quite a new and unique experience for everyone in Serbia.

Find out more information about Hipernet at www.telenor.rs.

Foto: Promo
Foto: Promo

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