Payment of 30 euros starts tomorrow: Here's who gets the money first

Finance Minister, Siniša Mali, announced that the payment of 30 euros of financial support to all adult citizens of the Republic of Serbia will begin tomorrow.

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Foto: Shutterstock/Kaesler Media
Foto: Shutterstock/Kaesler Media

It is a measure that is being implemented within the third aid package to the economy and citizens in order to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic, and the money will first be paid to pensioners and recipients of financial social assistance, the Ministry of Finance announced.

"So, on Monday, November 1, our oldest fellow citizens, as well as recipients of financial social assistance, can expect a payment of 30 euros in their accounts. For other adult citizens who have met the conditions for this type of state financial support, the money will be paid on November 2 and 3. In total, there are more than 5.7 million citizens, of which 1.6 million are pensioners. Everyone will receive 3.527 dinars," said Sinisa Mali.

He explained that the mentioned 30 euros, the second part of the aid from May this year, when the citizens were also paid 30 euros, and reminded that in mid-December the payment of financial aid in the amount of 20 euros is also planned, also for all adult citizens.

"Support for the citizens of Serbia is continuous, and in addition to 30 euros in November, citizens will receive 20 euros in December. Of course, as we promised, our oldest fellow citizens will receive another 20.000 dinars in financial aid at the beginning of next year," Siniša Mali said.

The Minister emphasized that citizens who applied for financial aid in the amount of two times 30 euros in May, should not apply for additional financial aid of 20 euros, because it will be automatically paid to them in December.

Also, the Minister emphasized that pension beneficiaries, recipients of financial social assistance and persons in the Institute for the Execution of Criminal Sanctions should not register, because they will receive the money without submitting an application.

"Other adult citizens of Serbia, who have a residence on the territory of the Republic of Serbia and a valid ID card and who have not previously applied for 30 euros twice, and now want to receive additional financial assistance in the amount of 20 euros in dinars, or who in the meantime, acquired the right to assistance, whether they have reached the age of majority or obtained citizenship, residence or ID card, they will be able to apply on the portal of the Treasury Administration,, in the period from November 15 to 30", said Siniša Mali.

Siniša Mali also explained that the citizens who, after receiving the first part of the financial aid of 30 euros in May, changed the bank and closed the account, will have a special account opened in the original bank to which the second part of the financial aid will be paid.

The Minister emphasized that these aid measures are part of the third package of support to the economy and citizens in order to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic, and reminded that all three packages are worth about eight billion euros, or about 17.3 percent of GDP, and that these aid packages saved the Serbian economy.

"We managed to preserve production capacities and jobs, so that unemployment in Serbia today is at the level it was before the pandemic. We did not allow the burden of the crisis to be poured on the citizens, and we did not allow the economic environment to be disturbed. We have helped the citizens and the economy, and I can really say that I am very satisfied with how all three aid packages have been implemented", said Mali and emphasized that the state, according to the now established practice, fulfills all its obligations in a day and to the last dinar.

Siniša Mali concluded that the state has shown its strength in difficult, crisis times for the whole world, and that it has once again shown that citizens can count on their country.

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