Vučić: From March 1, the train will develop speed of 200 kilometers per hour

President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, attended the handover of the new high-speed train "Stadler KISS".

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It is a train of the company "Stadler Bussnang AG" for developing speeds up to 200 kilometers per hour, and its display and departure for a test drive (to the "Belgrade Center" railway station) took place at the "New Belgrade" railway station. It is the first of a total of three trains purchased from that company.

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Štadlerov voz; Foto: MGSI
Štadlerov voz; Foto: MGSI

"Victor Hugo said that dreams create the future... We have been destroying our resources for decades, we were happy when we exceeded the average speed of 26 kilometers per hour. Count that from March 1, we will be able to travel from Belgrade to Novi Sad, I hope that until then, we will do all the tests and everything else that is needed," announced President Vučić.

The trip between Belgrade and Novi Sad, according to earlier estimates, will take only half an hour. Vucic reminded that we have been working with Stadler since 2013, and we already have their beautiful trains on our lines.

"Dreams become reality when one believes in them and you believe that you can achieve that with your work. I congratulate all the citizens of Serbia because these trains will also travel to Nis, Presevo...", President said.


This "double decker", which is used in numerous metropolises, including Moscow, looks magnificent, president assessed, joking that he can also play chess there.

The train is qualified for ETCS (European Train Management System) - a form of signaling used by many European countries that can operate trains from the center. As it was said, the train is first class, and everything is functional, the seats are movable. "This is all different, a different Serbia, a new Serbia, everything has changed. When people say 'trains', they are used to slow vehicles, and this is completely different," Vucic said. As the president said, three sets cost 51 million, and there are more than 300 seats in one train.

"We don't even hear the railroad, as if the train isn't moving at all," he remarked while driving.

Observing the panorama of Belgrade, he emphasized that we will have to make new, modern parts of Belgrade, but that, in addition, it is imperative to preserve the historical part of the city.

He also referred to the renovation of the BIGZ building, which should start by the end of the year. "We have to do that, that's the first thing people see when they pass here," he commented. Answering the questions of the journalists, Vučić said that the bus station in New Belgrade will be ready during the next year, and that the traffic there will be transferred in February or March. "I expect to open works on the Novi Sad-Subotica and Junis-Stalac railways soon," he said.

Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Momirovic, Belgrade Mayor Zoran Radojicic, Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic, representatives of Stadler Bussnang AG and the Swiss Embassy in Belgrade attended the handover of the high-speed train at the New Belgrade railway station. Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Swiss Ambassador Urs Schmid also attended.

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