Mali confirmed: Payment has started; Who will get the first 30 euros today?

The users of social assistance and those who are serving a prison sentence will be paid the first 30 euros of state aid today

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Foto: Kaesler Media/Shutterstock
Foto: Kaesler Media/Shutterstock

Today, the Minister of Finance, Siniša Mali, confirmed that this morning the payment of the first 30 euros in dinar equivalent for 143.313 users of financial social assistance and for 9.500 persons deprived of liberty began.

"We are aware that the help is most needed by our oldest citizens and users of financial social assistance. They did not apply for this state assistance, but the money is directly paid on their accounts. Thus, pensioners received the first 30 euros yesterday, and today the money will be on the accounts to all social assistance beneficiaries and persons deprived of their liberty", he said.

Mali reminded that about one million and 700 thousand pensioners in Serbia can expect a payment of 50 euros in September, and another 30 euros in November.

"I have mentioned many times that consumption is very important for us. Everything we give to our citizens is largely returned to the budget, people spend, buy products. After last year's support in the amount of 100 euros, the result was visible, because we are in the greatest economic crises ever, had a very small decline in economic activity.

In Serbia, factories were not closed and jobs were not closed, as in some significantly more developed economies than ours," the minister explained. In the second half of May, Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, including children, can expect a payment of 100 euros, and the unemployed in the southern province will be paid 200 euros each.

The unemployed in the rest of Serbia will receive assistance of 60 euros in June.

Pensioners were the first to receive money from the third aid package. Yesterday, 30 euros in dinar equivalent were paid into the accounts of 1.635.133 pensioners.

"Next Wednesday, on May 12, we will start paying 30 euros each to other citizens who applied for 30 plus 30 euros through the portal of the Treasury Administration or through the call center. So far, 3.450 have applied", stated the Minister of Finance Siniša Mali yesterday. Applications for help of 30 plus 30 euros started on April 28, and will last until May 15. It will be paid in two installments - the first in May 2021 and the second in November 2021.

All adult citizens of Serbia who have permanent residence on the territory of Serbia and a valid ID card on April 23, i.e. on the day the law enters into force, are entitled to state financial assistance in the amount of 60 euros, or twice 30 euros.

Pensioners, social assistance beneficiaries, as well as persons in the penitentiary institution should not apply for assistance. They will be paid without filing an application.

For help of "30 plus 30" euros, citizens can apply through the portal of the Treasury Administration, at the address, but also by phone.

The telephone number of the contact center is 0800 101 100 and that call is free, the citizens will hear an automatically recorded voice in the contact center that will guide them through the entire application process.

Additional 3.000 dinars for the vaccinated

Additional financial support in the amount of 3.000 dinars is planned for all citizens of Serbia who have been vaccinated so far and all those who will receive at least the first dose of the vaccine by May 31.

A portal for citizens to apply for this financial assistance will be opened for them on June 1-15 through the website of the Treasury Administration.

All vaccinated pensioners will also receive financial aid, as well as those who intend to do so during May. For them, the payment will be automatic and they do not need to apply.

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