Mr. Mali – all details about EUR 60 financial assistance VIDEO

Earlier today, the Minister of Finance provided additional information on the one-time financial assistance to unemployed of 60 euros in June.

Source: B92
Foto: Printskrin, TV Prva
Foto: Printskrin, TV Prva

He stated that it is one of the novelties contained in the third benefits package.

The main criterion will be that all unemployed applying for the financial assistant must be registered with the National employment service stated Mr. Mali for TV Prva.

There was, as he said, a dilemma whether only those who lost their jobs during the Covid period or all registered will get help. Mr. Mali pointed out that the help will go to all unemployed persons. "In June, the state will pay a one-time financial assistance of 60 euros to all the unemployed," the minister said.

He stated that the exact number of unemployed who will receive the help will be known after the decree is passed.

He also reminded that the application process for all adult citizens for financial assistance of 60 euros will start on April 28. The first 30 euros will be paid in May, while the other 30 euros will be paid in November, Mr. Mali explained.

He also added that those unemployed who receive one-time financial assistance of 60 euros in June and apply for help "30 plus 30 euros", will receive a total of 120 euros.

Mr. Mali also reminded that retirees will receive an additional payment of 50 euros in September.

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