Ministry of Finance establishes order in the public sector by controlling salaries

In future, Ministry of Finance will control the calculation of salaries for more than 500.000 employees in public sector through the Central Information System.

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Foto: Tupungato/Shutterstcok
Foto: Tupungato/Shutterstcok

This refers to 500.000 employees within 10.500 users of public funds.

Apart from being important for the implementation of the necessary control, this system is also important for the implementation of the planned salary reform, which is part of the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In this way, for the first time, the state will have an accurate record of all salaries and employees in the public sector in one place.

The mentioned information system will enable full control of salaries and monitoring of employment in the public sector, then better budget planning of users of public funds in the part related to salaries, and will bring savings to each individual user of public funds, given that they will not have the cost of calculating salaries and the cost of purchasing and maintaining software, because the Ministry of Finance will do it for them.

This means that expenditures will be controlled and payments made to all public sector employees in real time. Therefore, the possibility of an error in the calculation of salaries before their payment was eliminated, as well as all possible abuses. The project also envisages training of employees for the use of the information system, first with direct users of budget funds, then in educational institutions, health care, as well as in cultural and social protection institutions, judiciary and penitentiary institutions.

This information system operates in accordance with international standards of good practice, and is built on a platform that is a market leader in the automation of financial operations.

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