A new aid package till Sretenje; "It will include pensioners"

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that the economy would get a new package of aid from the government prior to Sretenje

Source: B92

"I had long talks with Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and Finance Minister Sinisa Mali about the aid package today.

As he said, it will not be generous help as the first aid package, but it will be a new injection for companies, economy, entrepreneurs, small, medium and even large companies. According to Vucic, 1.052.000 people will be covered by the aid package.

Vucic said that companies will get more support possible in the form of two or three payments of half the minimum wage.

Serbian President announced sector aid for tourism, bus transport companies and travel agencies, specifying that the aid would total about a billion Euro (with another half of the minimum wage).

He pointed out that the state will try to discuss and implement more aid for pensioners, in addition to the pension raise of 5.9 percent, which they will receive in February.

Symbolically, pensioners should receive packages with vitamins C, D and zinc by March, which, as Vučić says, are small things, but they show part of the concern to fight for health.

The president also said that guarantee schemes for the economy would be extended, and this time, through that system, another 500 million could be provided twice.

Vučić stated that the first agreements with DFC worth 300 to 400 million dollars are expected in seven days. "If we could provide another billion for companies through guarantee schemes… That is what I can promise, and we are thinking about how to help citizens during the year in order to encourage general consumption," Vucic concluded.

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