Dismantling of the Old Sava Bridge planned for the next year

The Old Sava Bridge will be dismantled and temporarily placed on a lot in the municipality of Palilula, the chief urban planner of Belgrade, Marko Stojčić, said

Source: Beta, Blic
Foto: D. Balšić, B92.net
Foto: D. Balšić, B92.net

"Dismantling work will probably start next year, while a new bridge will be built in its place. The old bridge will be cut into three parts, transported by boat to its temporary location, so that it can be used again later," Stojcic said for today's "Blic".

The paper reminded that after the citizens declared themselves, the city made the decision to move the Old Sava Bridge to the Ušće Park and to place cafes and restaurants within it.

Stojcic stated that the New Sava Bridge will have two lanes in each direction, with a tram "garden" in the middle and a path for cyclists.

"It will be a new bridge that should start to be built next year, we don't know exactly when because the coronavirus has slowed down things a lot," Stojčić said, adding that it is expected to be completed in 2022.

The second option, which received fewer votes, was to move the Old Sava Bridge between Ada Ciganlija and the New Belgrade blocks, and it was subsequently decided to build a pedestrian-bicycle bridge connecting Ada and Block 70.

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