"Pensions and salaries in the public sector are safe, we have fulfilled our promises"

Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali spoke for RTS about the support for the economy so far and plans for the future.

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Foto: Tanjug, Dragan Kujundzic
Foto: Tanjug, Dragan Kujundzic

He also spoke about the revenues in the budget and how this completely new situation for all of us will affect the economy worldwide.

In the last three months, more than 10.000 loans have been distributed to the economy.

"We are now in the second half of July, which is the last month of implementing support measures. When we add up all three minimum wages, financial aid of 100 euros and loan deferral, that is the total amount of 278 billion dinars in cash. We have fulfilled the promise we made a couple of months ago", the minister said.

He said that he continues to follow the data of the tax administration, he says that more people pay taxes on salaries than a couple of months before.

"It may be absurd, but it's true. Some people have lost their jobs, but a lot of places are open."

"Through the Development Fund, 1.105 companies received a favorable loan, in the total amount of around 6.3 billion dinars, and close to 9.000 business entities through commercial banks, in the total amount of 750 million euros."

By the end of this month, up to one billion euros will be put on the market for companies that have requested liquidity loans.

"Now you need to be smart and see what and in what way will happen in the next period," the minister emphasized.

He says that he does not expect major shifts and negative consequences on the labor market until the first of November, precisely because of the implemented measures.

"If we get the vaccine and it is done in the right way, it is the only long-term solution for our economy. Our economy depends on how other economies work."

As for the budget, preparations for 2021 are underway, instructions have been sent for all future users, and it is expected that everyone will set their goals by September 1.

"Together with Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS) and the Bureau of Statistics, the largest survey is currently being conducted, over 1.000 companies are participating. The survey is related to how we have implemented these measures so far, how customers and suppliers have reacted. This is the most comprehensive possible overview of this situation. "We will see which sectors are more and less affected, so we will know how to react. What we want is to have a database instead of predicting," the minister said.

He also referred to the success regarding the inflow of funds into the budget of the Republic of Serbia, which, in his opinion, confirms that there is no delay in economic activity.

"This is good news for the citizens of Serbia. As President Vucic said yesterday, every 15th of the month we receive a VAT payment. We expected 45.5 billion dinars, and the total inflow was 50.1 billion dinars. That means I am also happy that excises duties are paid on time, so I am very satisfied", the Minister said, pointing out that pensions and salaries in the public sector are safe, and that the state has no problems at the moment, especially not when it comes to the liquidity.

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