Equipment worth over 1.5 million dinars to help Novi Pazar, Tutin and Sjenica

In just three days, funds were collected to help Novi Pazar, Tutin and Sjenica in the amount of over 1.5 million dinars.

Source: B92
Foto: Fond B92
Foto: Fond B92

This was achieved by a joint action of non-governmental organizations and a large number of citizens, and in addition to financial funds, medical and protective equipment was also provided. The equipment was procured according to the list of priorities obtained from these hospitals.

The action, initiated on Monday by organizations and companies that are members of the Serbian Philanthropic Forum and B92 Fund, was joined by 325 citizens who paid a total of 1.578.709.00 dinars through the platform. The Norwegian Embassy and Group 484 donated funds in the amount of 235.000 dinars, and the citizens paid 39.000 dinars to the Fund's account. The fact that the original set goal for raising funds on the platform of 300.000 dinars was exceeded and raised to 600.000 in just a few hours, and that this goal was reached in the next few hours, speaks of the very fast reaction of the civil sector and citizens, so in just 20 hours from the start of the campaign, the citizens collected one million dinars.

According to the list of priorities for the equipment of all three institutions, the following quantities of equipment have already been procured: 7.900 pairs of surgical gloves, 3.000 surgical masks and 250 N92 masks, 500 disposable protective coats and 50 reusable surgical coats, 30 protective suits, 200 visors, 100 goggles. 1.000 pieces of tincture and protective caps, 500 liters of alcohol 70%, 300 liters of disinfectants, 1.000 sets for infusion, 400 oxygen masks, 50 digital thermometers and 15 non-contact thermometers, 3.000 pieces of vitamin C and 50 pieces of Longacef, 600 nasal cannulas for adults, 120 pieces of surgical compresses, 200 medical shovels for patients, 150 pieces of urination containers for male patients, 25 pulse oximeters, 7 wheelchairs and 10 tensiometers.

All equipment will be delivered to hospitals in Novi Pazar, Tutin and Sjenica on Friday, July 3. The convoy of collected aid will be led by the representative of the National Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health - POTENT, Marko Oljaca, together with the representatives of "Ne davimo Beograd" ("Do not let Belgrade d(r)own"), who collected the help of citizens for endangered hospitals in their premises. 

Foto: Fond B92
Foto: Fond B92

The action of collecting aid for health institutions in Novi Pazar, Tutin and Sjenica continues because the needs in these hospitals are great, both for basic equipment and for the equipment that is needed outside such crisis situations. Procurement of necessary equipment is of great importance for strengthening the capacity of the health sector, especially in smaller areas such as Tutin and Sjenica.

The President of the Board of the B92 Fund and the Director of the Serbian Philanthropic Forum, Veran Matic, thanked the united solidarity organizations for their quick response and announced that data would continue to be collected on equipment missing from health facilities, which is necessary in the fight against viruses, adding that the public will be regularly informed.

We invite all citizens and companies to join our campaign in accordance with their capabilities in order to provide support to the endangered population and health workers in Novi Pazar, Tutin and Sjenica.

Funds can be donated through the platform or through payment to the accounts of the B92 Fund that are used for this particular campaign.

Instructions for dinar payment through the bank account:

Recipient of the donation: B92 Fund

Account number of B92 Fund: with Raiffeisen Bank AD, no. 265-1110310001799-34

Payment code: 287

For additional information, please contact Mila Ivanovic, at, or call +381 60 40 50 492.

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