Vucic: "Budimka is a symbol of recovery, Highway to Pozega finalized within a year"

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, visited Pozega today, where he opened the factory of the food industry "Budimka Pozega" and visited works on the highway.

Source: Tanjug

"This is a great success for Serbia, Budimka is back", President of Serbia said during a tour of the modern factory, holding a can of mixed marmalade.

President Vucic received the first jar of raspberry jam that came out of the production line as a gift.

"I am very happy. I think that every man who loves Serbia is thrilled with this. Bringing "Budimka" back after 20 years is a great success," President Vucic said.

The President added that he tried jams and juices that remind him of his childhood and say that they are great.

"I am so happy that after all the problems that Budimka had experienced. Budimka is important for the whole of Serbia. It shows us three things: how long we have failed, that when we work and when we are united in the fight for wellbeing, we can be more successful than ever, and thirdly, when I heard that Aleksandar had returned from London I was thrilled", President Vucic said.

"We are ahead of other countries in the region. Eurostat said that we were the most successful in Europe in the last quarter and in the first," the president added.

He also emphasized that Budimka is a symbol of our recovery, raising Serbia like a phoenix from the ashes.

"There was so much talk about the highway through western Serbia, you all said 'let it go, we've been listening to that stories for 60 years', and in a year you will have a highway to Pozega, you will have three tunnels, only in bridges we will have six kilometers between Cacak and Pozega , it was completed in a year and a half", he said.

He said that it is important what you leave behind, how many roads, railways you constructed, people recognize the results, they are looking for results.

"For the first time since the paradigm of eternal losers, we have become someone who has begun to believe that we can be the most successful in Europe in the economy," he said.

At 12:45, Vucic will visit the works on the highway E-763, on the section Preljina - Pozega, tunnel "Laz".

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