Today, the payment of 100 euros begins for everyone who applied

As of today, the payment of financial aid in the amount of 100 euros in dinars starts for all citizens who have registered by phone or online

Source: Beta, Tanjug
Foto: Tanjug, Dragan Kujundzic
Foto: Tanjug, Dragan Kujundzic

Money will be paid into the accounts of about half a million citizens daily, and with that dynamics, it is expected that all payments for those who applied for help will be completed by June 1-2.

On April 24, the Government of Serbia adopted a decree on the payment of 100 euros to all adult citizens of our country with permanent residence in Serbia and a valid ID card.

The Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali, stated that the payment of 100 euros to the citizens who applied for this type of financial aid by phone or on the portal of the Treasury Administration started today, and that half a million citizens will receive them every day.

"Registration is until June 5, those who apply even then will receive money by June 7," Mali told Happy TV.

According to him, about two million citizens have already been paid, because pensioners and those who receive financial social assistance received the money.

As he said, it is "economically oriented support" because the citizens will spend the obtained 100 euros "which will enter the economic flows".

Commenting on the large call for that financial aid, he said that "it is necessary to understand Serbia", unlike "tycoons who say that they do not need 100 euros".

Speaking about helping companies that are paid three minimum wages for employees, he said that the state "did not want to allow mass layoffs and that did not happen."

"Our measures have hit the target," said Mali, stating that there is money in the budget for help.

4.26 million citizens applied

4.26 million citizens applied for financial aid of 100 euros by 8 am this morning, Mali told Tanjug.

"Last week, we completed the payment of 100 euros for all pensioners and those who receive financial social assistance, that is about 1.9 million citizens. So, in total, there are almost six million fellow citizens who have received or will receive assistance of 100 euros," Mali said.

Mali emphasizes that the one-time authorization remains for these 100 euros, and if someone is not in a position to raise the money, he can authorize another person, without notarization, only with the ID card of the person who has the right to help and the one who raises money.

"With this we have shown how much we want to be flexible and bring this process to an end in favor of the citizens of Serbia," Mali underlined.

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