Pavel Melnikov shares his investment plans for Serbia

Pavel Melnikov, a prominent Russian investor, reveals details of the projects he is looking to realize in Serbia. Find out more about his plans.

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Pavel Melnikov, one of the most prominent Russian businessmen, the CEO of many successful companies and investor who started a number of global projects, shares his plans to start a collaboration with Serbia, which he believes is a fertile ground for his future investments.

Pavel Melnikov is the founder and sole shareholder of VALTEC, one of the largest Russian companies responsible for the manufacture and development of sanitary solutions.

Melnikov is also the owner of several trademarks, including Brixis, Tenram, Minkor, VESTAtrading and Tenahtherm that offer a large assortment of quality and innovative heating, plumbing and sanitary products.

Throughout his business career, he established successful partnerships with several countries and has expanded the manufacture of his products to Italy, China, Germany, Turkey and Spain.

He indicates that the plans he has for business development include establishing collaboration with Serbia. “Serbia and Russia have been partners for many years and have maintained a strong relationship, which is especially important in these critical times. I trust that investment in Serbia is a smart business move and I firmly believe that we are looking at a successful realization of the planned investment projects.”

Serbia has been for some time now listed among the premier investment locations due to its business potential, favorable investment climate, as well as a multitude of investment incentives and advantages that are offered to foreign investors. According to the last year’s UN report, Serbia has recorded more foreign investments than any other western Balkan country. It is important to note that in 2018, Serbia was listed second based on the number of foreign investments.


There are several reasons behind Pavel Melnikov’s decision to realize his new investment plans in Serbia.

First, the Free Trade Agreement that Serbia signed with several countries, which facilitates the import and export of products, as well as the fact that Serbia is a member of EFTA and CEFTA.

Next, the Duty-free Agreement established between Serbia and Russia which represents an additional benefit in terms of trade. These agreements are key to the growth and development of every company which aims to expand its operations to other markets, states Melnikov.

Furthermore, many subventions and investment incentives available for foreign investors have affected his decision, including cash grants, sizeable relief of income tax, as well as a chance to free an investor from paying any income tax if the demands are fulfilled.

Pavel Melnikov indicates that a qualified, educated and capable workforce, skilled to effectively answer market demands is also one of the biggest benefits Serbia has to offer.

He will surely include investment in the manufacture and sale of sanitary products that will meet the needs of the local market, as well as the introduction of innovative solutions with an aim to improve current plumbing and heating products.

Pavel Melnikov is hoping for a long-term and successful collaboration with Serbia and he indicates that the investment climate in Serbia opens up new opportunities for some of his future plans.

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