Ban decision revised: Air Serbia flies to Zurich again

On Tuesday, March 10, Serbia imposed a ban on flights from five threatened countries to Serbia (Italy, Switzerland, Iran, South Korea and China).

Source: B92
Foto: Depositphotos, todordinchev
Foto: Depositphotos, todordinchev

However, on the evening of March 12, the Serbian national airline returned two canceled flights to Zurich on the flight schedule, the flights were JU 370 and JU 374. In all likelihood, those flights will operate and are scheduled for tomorrow, March 14.

Last night, the Emergency Aviation Notice (NOTAM) was published on the website of the Flight Control Agency of Serbia and Montenegro (SMATSA), outlining the new measure.

The amended decision states that the ban does not apply to flights but to the entry of passengers from the specified endangered areas. The definition of a ban has now been revised so that only Italy and Iran are covered in their entirety and three regions are isolated from other countries.

As the notice adds, this measure cannot be applied to individuals who have been approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia to enter the country.

These are Canton Ticino in Switzerland, which borders Italy, Hubei province in China, as well as the city of Daegu and the northern part of Gyeongsang province in South Korea.

Air Serbia told that their flights to New York continue on a normal schedule because our country is not covered by the ban on flights from Europe previously imposed by US President Donald Trump.

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