"We will invest 900 million euros in 5,000 kilometers of roads"

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic toured the reconstructed Velika Plana - Smederevska Palanka road

Source: B92, Tanjug
Foto: Tanjug, Filip Kraincanic
Foto: Tanjug, Filip Kraincanic

This road connects Smederevska Palanka with Corridor 10. The total length of the section of the regional road (IIA, 147) from Smederevska Palanka to Velika Plana is 13.5 kilometers long, 9.83 kilometers of which were reconstructed and a new bridge over the Guberaš stream was built. The scope of the work is such that, although it is a reconstruction, a whole new road has been made.

The president noted that two bridges had been built and said he was very happy and the reconstruction meant a lot to the people.

"There are a lot of people here who went abroad, so when they come back, they will see that we have done something", the president said.

He also talks with Russians and other friends about the production of the wagon, which, he says, would be a new injection for Smederevska Palanka, but also for Kraljevo.

The state will fight to stop people leaving

Foto: Tanjug, Filip Kraincanic
Foto: Tanjug, Filip Kraincanic

"We will invest EUR 900 million in 5,000 kilometers of roads, you can imagine how much better Serbia will look like and how much more investors we will attract", the President says, adding" both salaries and pensions are up."

The president said that he will ask people who wanted to leave the country to "think 100 times" before taking that step, adding that the state would always fight to stop people from leaving.

Serbia 2025

President said he had fully focused on the Serbia 2025 investment plan, which will be unveiled on Saturday, and will only deal with party issues afterwards.

"We had a two-hour meeting with the World Bank this morning. The plan will mean life for Serbia. We have prepared big things. We have completely turned to the event that will happen on Saturday, and I will deal with party issues later," he said.

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