New section of "Milos the Great" opens: Instead of two hours, 60-minute ride to Cacak

The section of the "Milos the Great" highway from Surcin to Obrenovac opens officially tomorrow

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Foto: Tanjug/ Tanja Valić
Foto: Tanjug/ Tanja Valić

A modern road will connect Belgrade and Cacak more strongly, and according to the authorities, it will save time. Instead of two hours, we will have 60-minute ride.

Travelling on the section of the Surcin-Obrenovac highway will be free of charge.

The commissioning of a new 17.6 km long road is eagerly awaited by Serbia, as it will connect corridors 10 and 11, that is, Vojvodina to the west of the country and finally reduce the crowds at the exit of the highway and at the highway "Milos the Great" near Obrenovac.

"Milos the Great" highway from Surcin to Cacak has a total length of 120.6 kilometers. The speed limit is generally 130 per hour, which means that drivers will be able to cross the entire road in less than an hour with respect to traffic signs.

The construction of the section, which will include a new bridge across the Sava and Kolubara, 1.581 meters long and two loops (in Surcin and Obrenovac), began on May 5, 2017, contracted by the Chinese company CCCC.

"Milos the Great" highway will have a direct connection to Corridor 10 via the Belgrade bypass at the Surcin loop, i.e. from the north to Hungary via Novi Sad and Horgos, and from the west to Croatia. Also, Belgrade will have easier connections with this section, with "Milos the Great" highway, and the Belgrade-Obrenovac route will be much unburdened", the representatives of the "Roads of Serbia" explain.

The Surcin-Obrenovac section cost EUR 208 million.

Foto: Tanjug/TANJA VALIC
Foto: Tanjug/TANJA VALIC

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