Mihajlovic: „Serbian highways by world standards’’

Works on highway Obrenovac-Ljig are coming to an end and the last preparations for the opening are on the way.

Source: B92
Screenshot/TV Prva
Screenshot/TV Prva

„This is a great year for Serbia. Certain highways are being finalized, we are starting new ones. I am happy, so is everyone in the Government of Serbia and I believe that the citizens are too. We can be proud of what we have done, what we are doing right now and what is going to be done’’, said the Minister of Construction, Transport and Instrastructure for TV Prva, Zorana Mihajlović.

The Minister said that the new highway will be by European and world standards, there will be no quality differences and she added that this project is very important for Central Serbia, because of safety, bypassing the Ibar highway, as well as quicker linkage among the cities of Serbia.

„What is new for our country is that for Corridor 10, as well as Corridor 11, we have central tunnel management, where the most contemporary methods for tunnel management are being used. These tunnels have better equipment than those in Grdelica. Everything is by European and world standards and I really believe that we need to have faith in ourselves and be proud of what we are doing. We are not the worst, maybe we are not the best, but we certainly know how to complete all of our jobs and infrastructure that we have planned’’, says Mihajlović.

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