15 state-owned companies to be sold by end of year

Tenders to privatize 15 out of 85 companies in the competence of the Serbian Ministry of Economy can be expected by the end of the year.

Source: Tanjug

Dragan Stevanovic, state secretary at the ministry, told this to Tanjug on Thursday.

Tenders for MSK Kikinda, HIP Petrohemija, JAT Tehnika and JAT Apartmani are the most likely to happen, but tenders for Krusik Plastika and around a dozen other enterprises are also possible and some of the companies might get new owners in 2019, he said.

"Launching tenders for a part of the remaining 70 companies this year is not impossible either," Stevanovic said, adding that this group of companies also included spas.

There are also between 30 and 40 companies in Kosovo and Metohija - and their privatization is "neither realistic nor possible at this moment," Stefanovic said.

He expressed satisfaction with privatization in Serbia, in particular in 2018 - the year that saw the completion of the privatization of the mining and smelting complex RTB Bor and the agricultural company PKB, perhaps the biggest challenges in the process.

Stefanovic explained that the state initially received 350 and 120 million dollars respectively for these companies, "while investments will follow."

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