Serbian IT exports "to reach EUR 2bn euros in 3 years"

Serbia's IT service exports reached around 1.15 billion euros in 2018 and will hit the 2 billion euro mark in just three years.

Source: Tanjug

Serbian Minister of Innovation and Technological Development Nenad Popovic said this on Thursday, Tanjug is reporting.

Popovic said that in 2018 for the first time in history the Serbian IT industry surpassed the export performances of Fiat and the Smederevo steel mill - the country's previous top exporters.

"That is export of Serbian know-how," Popovic said, adding that, with 25-39 percent growth, the Serbian IT sector would be exporting 2 billion euros worth of services in just three years.

He added that IT sector wages are high, which directly influences spending and GDP.

In addition to agriculture, the construction industry and a section of the machine industry, engineering, the IT sector and everything related to new technologies is what makes the biggest contribution to GDP growth, Popovic said.

"The engineers are the bearers of innovation in Serbia. Serbia has the best engineers south of Munich and Vienna. We must do everything to have more of them, than 51 percent of those enrolled in universities in Serbia go to technical faculties," the minister said.

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