Vinci Airports Serbia pay EUR 501 million to state

Vinci Airports Serbia d.o.o. Belgrade has paid a one-time concession fee of EUR 501 million.

(Tanjug, file, illustration)
(Tanjug, file, illustration)

This is in accordance with the concession agreement, the Serbian government announced, adding that the consortium would starting on Satruday become the operator of the Nikola Tesla Airport for a period of 25 years, while the Republic of Serbia remains the owner of the airport.

The government met on Friday and noted that Vinci Airports S.A.S. and Vinci Airports Serbia d.o.o. fulfilled all the previous conditions from the Concession Agreement for financing, development through the construction and reconstruction, maintenance and management of the infrastructure of AD "Nikola Tesla Belgrade" and operation of the operator at the Nikola Tesla Airport, signed on 22 March this year.

During the period of the concession, the company Vinci Airports Serbia d.o.o. is obliged to pay the concession fee every year, as well as to carry out investments in the airport infrastructure in the deadlines, and in accordance with the Concession Agreement.

The total value of this transaction amounts to EUR 1.46 billion and represents the first concession of this great value ever implemented in the Republic of Serbia.

In the first five years, the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the main runway will be carried out, the construction of an embankment, the construction of new tracks and the reconstruction of the existing ones, the construction of fast exits from the runway, the reconfiguration of the terminal, the construction of new facilities and the improvement of the system.

Vinci Airports plans to make Nikola Tesla Airport a regional hub, as well as to increase the number of passengers using this airport three times during the duration of the concession.

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