"Whatever occupation you name, we don't have it.."

President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said this in Zrenjanin after signing an agreement on Chinese tire factory construction.

Source: B92

Answering to press questions, he said we are in need of butchers, drivers...

"You laughed at me six months ago when I spoke about it and now you all talk about it. I told you that it will be a problem for us, that we'll have to import labour in a year or two from the neighbouring countries" , Vucic said

According to him, the situation has both a good and a bad side.

"The good side is that we might be able to improve our demographic picture here, while the bad side....there is a risk one part of the Serbian population could move to Serbia and then you have to support Republika Srpska more significantly, to preserve our homes there", Vucic said.

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