Nearly EUR 1bn to be invested in wind farms in Serbia

In two to three years, a total of 187 wind turbines will be built in southern Banat, where the wind blows almost 365 days a year.

Source: Vecernje Novosti, J.J. Baljak

These installations will supply nearly 200,000 households with "green energy." The overall value of the investments is nearly one billion euroes - making it one of the largest investments in Serbia, the daily Vecernje Novosti writes.

These wind farms will be built by investors from Abu Dhabi, Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

They started taking wide-ranging measurements about ten years ago and have now decided to use this district in Serbia's northern province of Vojvodina as the most suitable area.

Electrical power is being produced for two years now by Italy's Fintel Energia and distributed through the Serbian electrical grid company EMS, from Fintel's two turbines in the village of Izbiste, near the town of Vrsac. Fintel is now building 20 turbines in the Kosava wind farm, worth 120 million euros.

Four turbines built by the Belgian company Elicio have been operational since last year, located near the international road Belgrade-Vrsac-Timisoara. The same investor will launch 21 more turbines in September. The Belgian-Dutch company Windvision should start building 58 turbines, while Balkan Electric plans to have five.

In the nearby municipality of Kovin, Arabs are building the Cibuk 1 wind park, that will have 57 turbines and cost 290 million euros.

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