City announces first Belgrade Food Show

The City of Belgrade will increasingly support the development of agriculture, and it is also considering setting up a special Secretariat for Agriculture.

Source: B92

City Manager Goran Vesic said this at a conference announcing the Belgrade Food Show - the Serbian capital's upcoming first international fair showcasing high quality food.

Vesic said that the city budget for this year allocated RSD 180 million for projects in agriculture, and added that talks were in progress with the Ministry of Agriculture with the goal of making the Belgrade Wholesale Market Serbia's national wholesale market.

This is one of the reasons, Vesic continued, why the City supports this type of fair, "and certainly the reason is also that Belgrade needs domestic fairs and Serbian brands."

"In New York, I saw (bottled) water from a neighboring country, but not ours," Vesic remarked, and added, "and that's why we want as many fairs as possible to show our brands to the world."

"If there's one thing we can really compete with, it's food," Vesic observed.

According to him, fairs are also very important in order to "enrich the tourist offer of Belgrade and Serbia."

Belgrade's first Food Show will be held November 5-6, organized by the Association for Promotion of Serbian Food, and supported by USAID's Competitive Economy Project, the City of Belgrade, the Tourist Organization of Serbia, and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

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