Vucic reads out statement, then wonders "who wrote it"

Current and planned investments in Nis and the Nisava District amount to EUR 2.7 billion - "and there's no dilemma at all about that," says Zorana Mihajlovic.

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(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

This was the response of the minister of construction, transport and infrastructure to the misgiving about the figure expressed earlier in the week by President Aleksandar Vucic.

Vucic was in Nis on Wednesday for the opening of a factory when he read out a written statement, saying, "We've invested a lot of money here in Nis - we've invested EUR 2.7 billion in road and rail infrastructure in Nis, in the Nisava District."

He then paused, and asked out loud, "Who wrote these 2.7 billion for me, it seems too much."

Mihajlovic on Friday specified that the EUR 2.7 billion investment figure concerned "road and railways transport" as well as investments in the Nis airport.

"The construction of the Nis-Merdare highway alone will cost EUR 855 million, the southern arm of Corridor 10 costs 266.4 million, and the eastern 410 million. 268.28 million will be invested in the modernization of Nis-Dimitrovgrad railway, the Nis-Presevo railway is an investment of 254.4 million, while investments in the Belgrade-Nis railway will amount to about 600 million in the coming period," Mihajlovic said.

She added that road maintenance in Nis and the district cost EUR 15 million over the previous four years.

According to the minister, there had been no investments in Nis for 20 years, while now it is "a city where investments in new factories and projects are concentrated."

"And while others who plundered and destroyed this city and the district are now collecting cheap political points based on untruths, we bring investors to Nis, open factories, build highways and railways, because this is a matter of the economy and economic growth, and above all of our citizens' better lives," said Mihajlovic.

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