Mandatory use of seals in business operations abolished

The government announced on Tuesday that it adopted several bills on amendments to laws and decisions.


This legislation will allow citizens to, among other things, sell each other digital goods in foreign currency, which will eliminate the mandatory use of seals in business operations.

The government also adopted the decision on granting Serbian citizenship to a five-member family of a minor migrant artist from Afghanistan.

As defined by the Bill on amendments to the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations, the sale of software and other digital products on the Internet is enabled exclusively through telecommunication, digital or information technology devices.

The condition is that the payment be made with a payment card or electronic money through a payment service provider based in Serbia.

The government also adopted today a Conclusion by which the state administration authorities are tasked with preparing amendments to regulations and acts that will eliminate the obligatory use of seals in business operations.

The government has decided to grant Serbian citizenship to the five-member Nuri family from Afghanistan.

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