Serbia's credit rating "ripe for upgrade" - Euromoney

Serbia’s risk score has improved by more than two points year-on-year in Euromoney’s country risk survey to almost 44 points out of a maximum 100 as of Q2 2017.

Source: B92, Tanjug,

Tanjug reported that the British financial magazine said this was the "highest tally since 2010."

"Climbing eight places in the global risk rankings, five in total from January to June, Serbia is 76th (out of 186 countries), and moving towards the high end of the tier-four sovereigns commensurate with a B- to BB+ rating," Euromoney said on its website, and added:

"That makes it ripe for an upgrade, as presently the country is rated BB-/Ba3 by all three main credit rating agencies. Only S&P has its rating on a positive outlook; the other two are stable."

The magazine also points out to "the story being largely one of an improving economy, with all five of Serbia’s economic risk indicators upgraded by the survey’s experts."

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