Antenna Group owner: We're here to stay and expand business

Antenna Group is satisfied with its business in Serbia and intends to stay and expand it, says CEO and owner Theodore Kyriakou.

Source: B92
(Screen capture, Prva TV)
(Screen capture, Prva TV)

The Greek prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, on Tuesday started his two-day visit to Serbia, while the Greek-Serb day in Belgrade yesterday included a business forum in which Kyriakou, a leading Greek investor, took part.

"This is an important meeting. Two prime ministers of two very, very friendly countries, Serbia and Greece. A lot of businessmen from both countries are here, stressing the importance of strong Greece-Serbia relationships. Both leaders seem very committed to making this relationship work ever better. As a businessman, I am very happy to see that. As you know, I'm an investor in Serbia for many years," he told Prva TV.

Kyriakou noted that Antenna Group in Serbia is a leading media company that includes Prva TV, B92, and cable channels.

"We came here to change television, to create better programs, better entertainment, better news. And I think we've succeeded, I'm very proud of out team. We employ close to 500 people in this country, full-time and part-time, and we're happy to invest more," he said.

Seeing the two prime ministers together motivates investors to invest more and develop economic and business ties, the Antenna Group CEO remarked.

"We're here to stay and create great things," Kyriakou said.

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