Higher excise duties on fuel, alcoholic drinks as of Jan. 1

The first day of the New Year will see a rise in excise duties on fuel and alcoholic drinks, Tanjug is reporting.

Source: Tanjug

However, "for now there is no fear the price of fuel would go up at the very start of the year," the agency said on Thursday.

The price of fuel should not increase immediately, given that oil companies have announced they will not automatically raise prices due to the global collapse of oil prices, which hit a ten-year low.

The excise duty on lead-free petrol will be increased from RSD 50 to RSD 52.5 per liter, and on gas oil from RSD 50 to RSD 54, while the excise duties on non-alcoholic drinks will go up by two percent.

The excise duty will be charged not only on alcoholic drinks, but also low-alcoholic drinks containing over 1.2 percent of alcohol.

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