"Pensions and salaries increase won't be symbolic"

A planned salaries and pensions hike will not be symbolic, but will also not jeopardize the path of reforms, says Minister of Finance Dusan Vujovic.

Source: B92

Vujovic told B92 on Thursday that Serbia is now, thanks to savings, in a position to "bring back" salaries and pensions, and not only to the previous level, "but to a much higher level in the coming years."

"We are thinking about this increase not being symbolic, I'm sure it will not be, but we will not do it in a way that would jeopardize the path that reforms are going and the credibility that we have achieved," said the minister.

According to him, the IMF mission will arrive in Serbia on August 20 and the government will then ask the IMF "for room for this increase." He pointed out that the (budget) deficit was 61 billion lower.

"We tell them that we are aware this does not represent permanent savings, but we will continue with reforms and this kind of results in the future."

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