Bulgaria "has no intention" of abandoning South Stream

Bulgaria has no intention of stopping the South Stream project, Bulgaria's Minister of Economy Bozidar Lukarski has said in Belgrade.

Izvor: Tanjug

There will be a meeting between the Russian and Bulgarian ministers of energy in Moscow on Friday to discuss the project, he added.

After a meeting between Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, it was clear that the EU also does not see the project as officially canceled, Llukarski told reporters after a meeting with Serbia's Minister of Eneergy Aleksandar Antic on Tuesday, at the Summit between China and 16 Countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

The meeting in Moscow was proposed by the Bulgarian minister of energy, Lukarski said.

The project, which is important to Bulgaria and Serbia, will continue, Borisov stated.

Antic stressed that he and Lukarski had discussed a project for establishing natural gas connections between Serbia and Bulgaria, and that they had defined the future steps needed to complete the project.

Both sides will form their expert teams in the coming days to deal with the project, he noted, adding that it was important for Serbia, Bulgaria and the entire region.

Antic informed Lukarski that Serbia had set aside funds in its 2015 budget to create a special spatial plan for gas connection with Bulgaria.

The two discussed also the construction of a motorway between the two countries, from Dimitrovgrad to Sofia, according to Antic, who added that the motorway would be completed in the next two years.

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