Danube power plants report problems, but maintain production

The Đerdap (Iron Gate) Hydroelectric Power Plants have exceeded production targets despite bad weather that caused them damage, the EPS said.

Source: Tanjug

This cut production by 30 percent production at Đerdap 2 over the past 24 hours.

The bad weather that has hit the towns of Kladovo and Negotin in eastern Serbia caused large damages to HPPs Đerdap 1 and Đerdap 2, and the employees are trying to cope with torrents and the large amounts of water they are creating.

Đerdap 2 is facing huge difficulties and the A9 and A10 generating units in the additional plant are out of service due to water and mud from the surrounding hills penetrating into that part of the plant, the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) said.

Over the past 24 hours, production at Đerdap 2 has decreased by about 30 percent, so instead of the planned 3.1 million, it is 2,062 million kWh.

Workers who should have started their shift at the plant were unable to reach it as roads leading to the plant have been cut off, so those already there had to work longer.

The workers at the plant managed to prevent a disaster, as at one point, waters threatened to bring the plant’s operation to a complete halt .

Tests were carried out during the night and the A9 unit is expected to be put in operation during the day.

The A4, A5 and A6 generating units were stopped because of large amount of debris accumulating but recovery is underway.

The River Kosovica caused great damage to the drinking water supply plant at Đerdap 1, as waters completely washed away some 100 meters of the access road, rendering that plant reachable only by helicopter.

The biggest power plant on the Danube yesterday exceeded production targets. Instead of the planned 21 million kWh, it produced 21,176 million kWh, the EPS said.

Transport by river is running smoothly and no changes have been made to the planned schedules, the release said.

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