New Labor Law "most difficult task"

Newly-appointed chair of the Social and Economic Council Branislav Čanak says one of the priorities in his work would be "the revival of the body's operation."

Source: Tanjug

This is the only way in which its voice on key issues may be heard, he remarked.

”The Council in its current state will not be able to respond to the forthcoming challenges embodied in reforms and changes in labour legislations which are fall its jurisdiction,” Čanak told Tanjug.

”There is a negative attitude toward the Council as politicians and government members want to avoid matters reaching the Council at any cost,” he said.

Čanak, who also holds is at the helm of the United Branch Trade Unions Independence (UGS Nezavisnost), noted that one of the most difficult tasks for his trade union and the Council would be the Labor Law, the original draft of which was recently withdrawn from the public debate.

”I am under the impression that those proposing the amendments have no idea why they are doing so. First they call on the International Monetary Fund, another time they refer to the World Bank and then they go on to mention the Foreign Investors Council,” Čanak said.

In addition to the Labor Law, new laws on bankruptcy and privatization also need to be adopted, he said.

Čanak was appointed on Monday and he should remain the chair of the Council until April 7, 2015.

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