Serbia wants trade ties with both Russia and EU

PKS President Željko Sertić says Serbia has opted for the path to the European Union, but will continue economic cooperation with other countries.

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"Serbia has opted for the path to the EU, started accession negotiations on January 21, and out of 35 chapters most deal with the economy," the head of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS) told reporters after a gathering in Belgrade this week.

Asked what would happen if Serbia would "have to declare itself on whether in was in favor of trade with Russia or with the EU," Sertić said that "by entering negotiations with the EU Serbia chose the path" - but has a free trade agreement with Russia.

"We have a free trade agreement with Russia, Turkey and many countries in the region, so what is the interest of the economy will be the interest of all those who will be involved in it, and that is precisely a joint position and work with everyone," he was quoted as saying.

According to him, Serbia "has regional inconsistencies" that are the consequence of "the collapse of the former regime."

"Serbia is for the first time on the verge of setting up competition on the same basis as is done by developed countries," said he.

According to Sertić, the Serbian government, the economy, the banks, and all those who are interested in such an environment "are supporting this."

Sertić said that the desire of the government and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, as well as their most important task, is that Serbia becomes part of "the open world market."

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