Serbian currency loses 0.6% during past month

The Serbian dinar (RSD) on Friday lost 0.1 percent of its value against the euro (EUR), reaching a middle exchange rate of RSD 114.7559.

Source: Beta

The National Bank of Serbia (NBS) official exchange rate shows that one euro is 11 paras (1 dinar=100 paras) stronger today than it was on December 31, when the exchange rate was 114.6421.

At the same time, the Serbian currency lost 0.6 percent of its value against the euro compared to a month ago.

Last year, the dinar was the strongest on April 30, when one euro was worth RSD 110.5426, while the domestic currency slipped to its lowest value on September 11, when the exchange rate was 115.2574.

During 2013, the Central Bank bought a total of EUR 615 million in the interbank hard currency market, and sold EUR 425 million, all with the aim of "alleviating the daily fluctuations of the exchange rate."

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