Lower import duties for EU goods as of 2014

All preferential EU origin products, with the exception of certain agricultural products, will be imported into Serbia free of customs duty starting from 2014.

Source: Tanjug

This was announced by the Serbian Customs Administration on Friday.

A number of agricultural products, such as fresh tomatoes, peppers, livestock, fresh, chilled or frozen meat, certain dairy products, will remain protected.

The tariff rate applied to these products will be reduced compared to 2013. However, as of 2014, no further reduction will be possible, states the release, noting that the tariff liberalization started in 2009.

With the reduction in import duties on finished products from the EU, the prices in the Serbian market are expected to drop, but not necessarily, Customs Administration states.

Lower tariff rates may only be applied if a EUR.1 movement certificate, or the exporter's certificate drawn up in the standard form on an invoice or other commercial document, is submitted to the customs authority as a proof of preferential EU origin of goods.

The Stabilization and Association Agreement with the EU offers a chance to Serbian exporters oriented towards the European Union, Turkey or CEFTA 2006 member states (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania), "to use EU-origin materials treating them as domestic, which gives way to competitive prices in these markets."

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