"Healthy sustainable economy is goal of reforms"

Aleksandar Vučić says "a change of the awareness" is the key condition for reforms that need to be carried out in Serbia.

Izvor: Tanjug

This is "all with a view to creating a healthy and sustainable economy," the first deputy prime minister was quoted as saying.

At a business lunch organized by AmCham in Belgrade's Hyatt Hotel, Vučić said major work in the implementation of reforms in economy will have to be completed by the end of fall and winter.

"Some difficult and painful cuts will have to be made but we aim to create a healthy and sustainable economy, and our approach would be embodied in the creation of a healthy system, with a healthy approach and this is why we need to carry out the reforms in various sectors of social life as a whole, and especially in economy," Vučić said.

He noted that this will call for a new labour law, and a new law on planning and construction, as well as a reform in the pension system which he said should be completed by the end of winter.

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