Italian Companies Want Partnership with 14.oktobar

VICTORCHIANO - Four Italian manufacturers of agricultural machines signed an agreement with 14. oktobar a Letter of Intentions.


Four Italian manufacturers of agricultural machines Facma, SAI, Euromat and Mira Italia signed on Tuesday an agreement with Krusevac-based industry of machines and components 14. oktobar a Letter of Intentions on assembly of hydrostatic tractors.

The letter, which the representatives of companies signed in Victorchiano, Italy, reads that the technology which will be used is owned by Facma, and the signatories will be able to secure funds for support of joint activities from their own funds and through other contributions including the European funds.

One of the goals is to establish a joint company with 14.oktobar and launch production of tractors, small tractors and cultivators, said Piero Pecorari, one of the owners of SAI Group which comprises over 30 companies including Facma.

It is difficult to speak now about the amounts which will be manufactured since we are in the development phase of the project, however I am certain that in the next five to ten years these figures will be very interesting, primarily in terms of export to the markets of Eastern Europe which is in need of high-tech tractors, Pecorari said.

The policy of this Italian company is to establish production in countries which can be a market as well, he said, pointing to the importance of high-quality workforce and the free trade agreement with Russia.

Mira Italia President Daniele Bagnoli told Tanjug that he believes in the Serbian market, stressing that the letter of intentions, which should launch all projects of joint interest, is important for all companies.

“We are for the first time introducing hydrostatic transmission in production, and this is a great technical step for all of us and there will be mutual investments in line with participation in a joint product,” 14.oktobar CEO Dragi Nestorovic told Tanjug.

He said that the letter of intentions refers to joint development, production and placement of products, adding that the talks are underway whose brand will be used in the export of the products.

Krusevac Mayor Bratislav Gasic said that the Italian companies will have a maximum support of the local self-government.

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