"Jat Airways to be renamed to Air Serbia in August"

The realization of the strategic partnership between Serbia and Etihad Airways has been agreed and "all that remains is to formally confirm it on August 1."

Source: Tanjug, Informer

This is when the agreement will be signed by Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić and Etihad Director James Hogan, the Belgrade-based tabloid Informer reported on Monday, Tanjug has said.

After the agreement is signed, Jat Airways will change its name to Air Serbia, and the two new aircraft that will arrive immediately will bear the markings of the new company.

The new logo will be presented at the signing, Vučić's economic adviser Siniša Mali told Informer.

Etihad people will be in charge of Air Serbia, but the government will have the majority in the monitoring committee, 5 of the committee's 9, he explained.

Serbia will have a 51 percent share in the company, while Etihad will own the remaining 49.

Serbia will invest USD 100 million in the company, same as Etihad, who will provide USD 40 million and 2 new Airbus A319 aircraft immediately, and another 8 of those planes by the end of the year.

Etihad plans for 14 new destinations for Air Serbia with the new aircraft, Mali noted.

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