"Ensure electricity supply for northern Kosovo"

The Belgrade delegation in the technical talks on energy with Priština insists that the community of Serb municipalities should have a company.

Source: Tanjug

It would supply northern Kosovo with electricity, Serbian Minister of Energy Zorana Mihajlović stated on Wednesday.

The issue of electricity supply for northern Kosovo is open and we want to have a company which will be in charge of supply and distribution in northern Kosovo, Mihajlović specified.

She noted that the issue of hydropower plant Gazivode is also open because three quarters of the system are situated in the Serbian territory.

We insist that the system should be run by the community of Serb municipalities, the minister said.

Mihajlović stated that the authorities are also discussing the issue of employees in the Valac power station. These are employees of the Electric Network of Serbia, and they should remain the employees in the Serbian company for northern Kosovo, Mihajlović said.

She announced that the talks would continue in Brussels on July 7 and 8.

The issues which were open before are still on the table, Mihajlović said and added that she expects a joint solution to be found.

We need to sit down at the same table and talk, Mihajlović said and added that northern Kosovo has to have enough electricity and that the Brussels agreement (between Belgrade and Priština) needs to be respected, and this is the framework for the talks.

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