Governor blames "negative opinions" for exchange rate

National Bank of Serbia (NBS) Governor Jorgovanka Tabaković says "negative opinions" have caused the Serbian dinar (RSD) to lose value against the euro (EUR).

Source: Tanjug

These opinions, concerning the state budget, came from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Fiscal Council and "influenced investors to back out," according to Tabaković.

She told reporters at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce on Monday that "the fluctuation in the dinar exchange rate and a three percent drop are a result of the IMF's not-at-all optimistic prognosis about the budget deficit."

She also criticized the Fiscal Council for mentioning the possibility of a state bankruptcy in the media, saying it is not true that the state will go bankrupt.

"I appeal to everyone to understand that moderate statements and harmonized views are needed in order for the capital to stick around," said the NBS governor.

Tabaković added that the future rate of the dinar will depend on the government's success in stabilizing the environment for foreign capital and direct investments in Serbia.

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