Metal workers protest

Officials from every metal workers union gathered in front of the Government building today to protest.

Source: B92

The officials came with ten demands they want the Government to fulfill. They are demanding that industrial production increases and that employees will be given the ability to move up in position. The workers left disenchanted because only one minister met with them.

Exactly three years ago, the Independent Union of Serbia, led by the metal workers union, protested in front of the Serbian Parliament asking for better working and production conditions.

Today there were about 150 people representing the metal workers unions in front of the Government building with almost the exact same demands that they had three years ago.

"Now we have a constitution, but we have no time to celebrate, we are asking for production to increase and privatization to be completed.” President of the Independent Union of Serbian Metal Workers, Zoran Vujović, said.

Labor Minister Slobodan Zoran Lalović met with the union officials, stating that their demands are justified. However, the metal workers stated that they were not satisfied, because all other ministries ignored their calls.

The union officials have asked for a meeting with the prime minister within the next five days.


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