Model Strategy for Prosecution of War Crimes

The Humanitarian Law Center has presented the Model Strategy for the Prosecution of War Crimes Committed during and in relation to the Armed Conflicts in the Former Yugoslavia.

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Serbian parliament's resolution on Kosovo and Metohija

The Resolution on Kosovo and Metohija, adopted by the Serbian parliament with 175 votes in favor, stipulates that all future agreements with Priština must be in accordance with this document and all solutions must be in line with the Serbian Constitution and UN Security Council Resolution 1244.

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Draft Serbian media strategy

The Strategy for the Development of the Public Information System in the Republic of Serbia until 2016 is based on the standards, experience and regulatory framework of the democratic world.

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PM designate keynote address

Prime Minister designate Mirko Cvetković on Monday, July 7, addressed the Serbian parliament in Belgrade in a speech detailing the key components of his proposed cabinet's future policy.

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Serbian parliament's Kosovo resolution

The text of the resolution on the protection of sovereignty, territorial integrity and constitutional order of the Republic of Serbia proposed by the Serbian government, adopted by parliament on December 26, 2007, in Belgrade.

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