Website open for donations to flood victims

People from all over the world can easily, using a credit card, make a donation online for the flood victims at

Source: B92

The website was launched with the help of the B92 Fund and the Balkan Trust for Democracy. This platform is supported by the Serbian Philanthropic Forum, which brings together foundations and organizations interested in the development of charity in Serbia.

With the website, the B92 Fund will primarily support the work and projects of smaller organizations in Serbia which even with minimal resources improve conditions in their community.

"We want to emphasize the importance of personal initiative and individual philanthropy as one of the pillars of social solidarity and thus strengthen the philanthropic community in our country. The work of the platform is coordinated by a committee for donations performing the selection of projects that will be given the opportunity to conduct a fund-raising campaign on the website," the organizers said in a statement on the site.

Due to the current situation, currently only supports actions and projects related to repairing the consequences of the catastrophic floods. At this point, money can be donated to the Fund's activities to help the citizens by providing drinking water, cleaning and disinfection, or help babies endangered by the disaster.

The website will soon publish projects of other organizations working to help the citizens in the affected areas.

After the end of the crisis, will return to its primary purpose and support projects in the field of health and social protection, inclusion, entrepreneurship and marginalized groups, activism, art and culture, ecology and other forms of public engagement and social responsibility. The site is open to projects of civil society organizations, foundations, businesses, civic associations and institutions, and the only requirement is that projects, which collected donations from private citizens, are non-profit and of benefit to the community. ensures that citizens can transparently monitor how much money is collected and the purpose of the donation. As soon as a donation is made through the website, it is immediately registered on the project's page, where it is possible to track the duration of the campaign, its success rate, and its current state.

Elsewhere, the B92 Fund continues to collect aid for the flood victims at the Cultural Center Rex, 16 Jevrejska St. in Belgrade, every day from 10:00 until 18:00 CET.

Over the weekend more than 800 packages of diapers were collected during the MAD festival when visitors were asked to bring these items and gain free access to the event. The B92 Fund carried out this campaign together with the organizers of the festival.

On Tuesday, a large package of assistance, with basic food, hygiene items, bedding and blankets, has been dispatched to the town of Paraćin, and another to the villagers in Jamena, near Šid - thanks to the FUTURA company.

Veliko Polje near the town of Obrenovac also received aid today, the Fund said in a statement, adding that companies Confluence and RK Beograd helped secure the use of one floor of the shopping center in Kanarevo Hill for future collection of humanitarian relief, which will then be sent to those locations where it is needed.

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Book "Great War" presented in Austria

Last night, on May 13, 2014, in the hall of the Main Library in Vienna, within the program “Pro and Contra“, and promotion of the new books in Austria, a round table was held as part of the promotion of the book “The Great War, First World War Reflected in Serbian Literature and Print Media“, written by Gordana Ilic Markovic, lecturer at the Institute of Slavic Studies of the University of Vienna.

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Commission pledges to investigate RTS bombing case

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the death of the technical staff of TV Belgrade on April 23, 1999, the Commission for Investigation of Murders of Journalists is informing the public and the families of the victims that it will investigate the crime thoroughly and completely.

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EC president responds to Putin's letter

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso on April 17 sent a letter Russian President Vladimir Putin. The letter was published on the European Commission (EC) website

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