Book "Great War" presented in Austria

Last night, on May 13, 2014, in the hall of the Main Library in Vienna, within the program “Pro and Contra“, and promotion of the new books in Austria, a round table was held as part of the promotion of the book “The Great War, First World War Reflected in Serbian Literature and Print Media“, written by Gordana Ilic Markovic, lecturer at the Institute of Slavic Studies of the University of Vienna.

Dejan Ristić

In the year of marking the 100th anniversary since the beginning of the First World War, a large number of manifestations are being held all over Vienna and Austria on this subject, through which Austrians can get a thorough insight into the circumstances in Austria and this part of Europe in general during the Great War, in which Austria and Serbia had played rather significant roles.

Thanks to several years of research and collecting materials for the book, following their destinies and citing parts of their diaries, poems, stories and texts of Branislav Nusic, Milos Crnjanski, Bora Stankovic, Stanislav Vinaver, Momcilo Nastasijevic, Isidora Sekulic, Vladislav Petkovic Dis, Milutin Bojic, Karl Kraus, Archibald Reiss and dozens of others, the author of the book offers to the readers of German-speaking region a brilliant insight into the atmosphere and circumstances that domineered outside the boundaries of once powerful Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.

The book was published by the Vienna-based Publishing house “Promedia” in the German language, and it represents a special opportunity to the reading audience of the German-speaking region to introduce themselves with the destinies of the soldiers and civilians of Serbia – many writers, poets, essayists and journalists, following their rich creative work during the winds of war which reflected the suffering of whole population in Serbia of the time.

Apart from the author Gordana Ilic Markovic, historian Anton Holzer, author of the article in this book on the plight of civilian population in the region of Podrinje and Macva also took part in the discussion, along with writer and essayist Richard Schuberth, who worked on the adaptation of works of Serbian poets, and Goran Bradic, First Secretary of the Serbian Embassy in Austria. The well attended promotion of the book was enriched with violin interpretations of the compositions of that time, such as “Far Away“ and “March on the Drina“ performed by Ahmet Lekic from Sabac.

After the great interest in the book expressed in Austria and Germany, next promotions will be on May 20, 2014, in the Library of the City of Belgrade and on May 21, 2014, in the Library of Sabac, that will be attended by the author of the book and the Austrian publisher.

The Book will be published in Serbian this summer by the Belgrade-based B92 Samizdat publishing house.

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